Gary Young (squaredancing) wrote,
Gary Young

One tip down...

The C3a tip went okay. It was sandwiched between an hour of C4 with Vic Ceder and an hour of C3B with Mike Jacobs. Talk about intimidating. They were kind enough to square up with two squares.

Everyone there was C3B or above. I threw in a C3B opener (Heads Split Catch Reverse The Top 4, Trade the Diamond, RLG), which broke down the floor in only two calls. *sigh* I later threw in an Everybody Gee Whiz from outfacing lines, which broke 'em down. Next time I'll stick with the C3a card that instead says "Crossfire."

There were some problems, but also a couple successes. One sequence that I thought was well-written got a cheer. Another one got a "bad flow." I'll have to dig through 'em again.
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